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Postpartum Class

Intended as an adjunct for birth classes, this class will ready you for postpartum care. The class will include:


Information on Thai traditional postpartum practices, why they are still beneficial and how to integrate them into your modern life.


Training for your support person on how to give you a simple massage.

Training in a Thai herbal steam bath: how to set up for and use it. Your support person may try it out if they like because it's best to avoid while pregnant. 


Finally, I will stress the most important aspects of care so you and your support team have the tools necessary to make a successful postpartum village. 


Private lessons are available for 30-60 minute sessions at the beginner level. 

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One pair of students may schedule any time there are appointments available. 


To book a group class: contact me directly for availability and pricing. 

Compresses, Liniments, Balms, Oils, Steams, Inhalers and more...

Herbs are an integral part of clinical Thai massage and can become part of or the central aspect for any treatment. Made from recipes using traditional medicinal herbs, various recipes can be effective therapies for a variety of conditions.

We usually have a supply of standard herbal products ready such as warming herbal compresses, skin healing balm, liniments to help circulation and recover from injuries, oils to support the nervous system and others. If time and supplies permit, specific formulas can be made for specific needs, such as prenatal or postpartum herbal compresses, oils and compresses for nerve damage & paralysis, joint pain & arthritis compress and liniment, and more.


Cupping & "Kuudt" or Body Scraping

Both Cupping & Scraping  are ancient techniques found in homes and traditional clinics all over the world- as far back as the ancient Egyptians. They were also part of regular clinical practice in Western medicine until the later 19th century and are enjoying a popular comeback today.

Cupping is the use of suction cups, either stationary or moving. Kuudt, or body scraping may be more familiar using the Chinese term "gua sha" or the modern Western adaptation, Graston technique. They can be used to reduce headaches & back pain, help pinched nerves, break up scar tissue, encourage circulation, disperse wastes, alleviate menstrual pain, fight colds and flu and much more. 

Markings: Some red to purple color can appear on the skin as indication of the technique working. The marks are not from bruising as often thought. Read More about this. 

Your Questions, Answered


Do you do Sports Massage?

Much of what I do is greatly beneficial to athletes and people with active lifestyles. Thai therapies include some highly effective techniques to increase range of motion, assist with deep recovery from injuries and use the breath more fully and efficiently. I have worked with a variety of athletic people including marathon runners, dancers, martial artists, workout enthusiasts and others.

Do you work with people having severe health problems or a history of serious illness?

I would love to help however I can. Thai therapies have a wide range of possibilities that we could work with. But please contact me before scheduling so we can talk about your situation and decide what plan of action to take. You must be under the care of a primary provider who supports you coming to see me. I am happy to have conversations with this provider as well in order to facilitate the best outcome possible for you.

Where did Thai Massage Come From?

Ancient hermits, or “Reusis,” developed through generations of trial, error and observation, a system of self care practices called Reusi Dat Ton (affectionately RDT, translated as “The Reusi’s self stretch”). This system involves breathing exercises, stretches, postures, meditations, etc. The system to care for others was subsequently developed from that. Massage is part of a complete, holistic traditional medicine system including diet, herbal medicine- both external and internal, RDT, spiritual medicine, body therapies and more.

How do I learn more about Thai massage and Thai Medicine?

I update my blog on occasion with information on Thai massage, Thai medicine and general thoughts on health. Also, on the Links page of this site, there is a section on where to find more information. You can find links to Thai massage education, Reusi Dat Ton, published material about Thai medicine, Thai massage teachers and recommended Thai bodywork practitioners in the Portland metro area and throughout the US.