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Reusi Dat Ton

Reusi Dat Ton, Thai "Yoga" in Gresham, Oregon

Reusi Dat Ton

(Reusi pronounced ROO- SEE)


RDT has roots going back to practitioners in the Himalayas, as does yoga from India. From this common ancestry, each form has developed its own rich and complete system in their respective lands. In this way, they are like cousins. 

Reusis, or hermits (a similar role to Yogis/Rishis of India), have had a tremendous contribution to "Thai Massage." Different lineages of Reusis have kept up a variety of knowledge topics, but those that influenced bodywork most directly have kept the practice of Reusi Dat Ton as well as a great deal of medicine knowledge. In service of keeping their tradition, each Reusi undertakes serious study and training and upholds a lifetime of specific commitments. Reusis follow the practicies of Buddhism but their tradition has also been alive since before the arrival of Buddhism to the area.


At the heart of teachings I have received in is the practice of RDT we find

The Four Immeasurables

These are mindstates considered to be the most beneficial for creating happiness:
Kindness, Compassion, Empathetic Joy and Equanimity. 

Reusi Dat Ton is a path of caring for and transforming oneself through a set of practices including: practicing healthy daily habits, breath work, stationary and moving exercises, meditations, visualizations and more. These practices form a foundation for Thai bodywork and an integral part of traditional Thai medicine.


A main focus is on balancing and controlling the winds (or movement) within the body. It has been known to improve range of motion, physical strength, mental health, focus & concentration, injury recovery, sleep patterns and much more. 

This has been a major subject of study for me since 2010 and I can attest personally to the benefits both directly to my own body, mind and life and also by watching the results for my fellow practitioners. I even see immediate results when simple principles are applied during a session. 

Because of its pervasive nature in Thai bodywork and its clearly powerful healing capacity, Reusi Dat Ton influences every aspect of what you will experience, even if you never engage with it formally. 

Beginner level practice sessions for established patients may be available from time to time. They are announced through my email list.

Access to further resources on RDT can be found on my Links page. 

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