Reusi Dat Ton, Thai "Yoga" in Gresham, Oregon

Reusi Dat Ton

Reusi Dat Ton (Reusi pronounced ROO- SEE)

RDT shares roots with yoga from India, yet each has its own rich and complete system. In this way, they are like cousins. 

It is a set of practices including daily habits, breath work, stationary and moving exercises, meditations, visualizations and more. The focus is affecting the winds (or movement) within the body. As such has been known to improve range of motion, physical strength, mental health, focus & concentration, injury recovery, sleep patterns and much more.

This system, little understood outside of Thailand, forms a foundation for Thai bodywork and is an integral part of traditional Thai medicine.

Access to further resources on RDT can be found on my Links page. 

Class Information

I am taking some time off teaching to focus on my own practice. You can still join my RDT mailing list to get updates on future offerings.