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In traditional teachings, the experiences common among humans are those of solidity, fluidity, heating/transformation and movement. We live out our lives in space and are aware of our experiences through consciousness

Our lives depend on a constantly changing interplay that remains ballanced enough to support basic existence, wellness and thriving.

Due to the nature of life, we are guaranteed that these will fall out of balance at some point. For some, these imbalances will resolve on their own. For others, they will not resolve regardless of whether they receive therapies from the most excellent healers. But there are imbalances that will only resolve when given correct therapies. It is for this reason we learn and practice healing.


My therapeutic tools include manual techniques, herbal formulas, breath work, movement and habit reeducation with the goal of reducing suffering and dis-ease, one being at a time.


This work has supported

injury and trauma recovery, pain recovery, healing from auto accidents, maximizing health, increasing physical performance in athletes, easing chronic stress and postural imbalances, supporting healthy pregnancy, postpartum recovery and more. 

More Information

North Portland


Near Lombard and Interstate



22400 SE Stark St

Look for Mt. Hood Natural Health sign in front of the building. 



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Thai Massage in Gresham
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