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since 2005.

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Earth- Solidity

Experiencing the support of healthy bones, strong muscles, skin that does not break,

Creating stability in body and in life...

Water- Fluidity

Experiencing willingness to go with the flow, change shape,

Tissue that is supple,

Blood, sweat, tears, lymphatic fluid...

Fire- Heat and Transformation

Heat of the body, transforming food into teeth, tendons, organs and energy to do work,

Seeing clearly, staying focused on a task...

Wind- Movement

Waving hello, limbs going through their range of motion,

having a conversation, nerve impulses traveling, blood circulating,

Thoughts moving in the mind...


The experience of no resistance, no obstruction

The eyes allow space for light to pass

The ears allow space for vibrations to pass

The mouth allows space for air, food and drink to pass

Mind without obstruction is spacious...


is what notices objects and experiences

is what labels what it notices

says ah, this is a fern.

decides whether it likes ferns. 

Says I have a history with ferns, many experiences, many thoughts, many ideas about ferns...


We are made of all these experiences and their physical manifestations, all together, all of the time. They are constantly in a state of change and therefore prone to imbalance. When one weakens, others may become over strong and cause dis-ease. Likewise if one becomes overly strong, it can weaken the others. There will never be a perfectly balanced stasis, but we still aim toward balance in order to best support health.

For those whose discomforts can be eased by therapies, this is why we learn and practice them. My therapeutic tools include manual techniques, herbal formulas, breath work, movement and habit reeducation. I wish to play a part in reducing suffering, one body at a time.


This work has supported

injury and trauma recovery, pain recovery, healing from auto accidents, maximizing health, increasing physical performance in athletes, easing chronic stress and postural imbalances, supporting healthy pregnancy, postpartum recovery and more. 

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North Portland


Near Lombard and Interstate



22400 SE Stark St

Look for Mt. Hood Natural Health sign in front of the building. 



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Thai Massage in Gresham
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