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Sarah Carl; Thai Massage in Gresham

About Sarah K. Carl, LMT

The body speaks my language. I feel completely at home in the company of pulse beats, tendon tugging, gnarly twisted fascia mazes, breath directing, trigger point melting, and intricate connections of movement. This is how Thai bodywork first hooked me- it was like learning a new dance.


After starting my business in 2005, I began the ever deepening study into Thai medicine including theory, history, manual techniques, herbal profiles and formulas, women's therapies, Reusi Dat Ton (Thai “Yoga”) and Buddhism. I have also visited the Western worlds of structural bodywork and visceral manipulation and they influence some of what you may receive. Today, the accumulation of this extensive training makes for a unique and practical, potentially profound healing session. I deeply enjoy unwinding and retraining the body/mind throughout the various ages and stages of life.

As an American practicing the tradition of a different culture, I strive to honor those who brought this system to me and those I support. This is done through earnest study of the medicine, language and culture as well as personal daily practices. It is an ongoing process that has deeply enriched my life and I am grateful to continue its pursuit. 

In my other life, dancing is a deep love since childhood and was a former profession, so I try to include it wherever I can. In semi-recent years I have taught classes in modern, jazz, improvisation and tap and contributed choreography to multiple musicals performed by the Corbett Performing Arts Club. Currently I spend lots of time dancing in the living room with my amazing daughter. 

Sarah is an incredibly gifted bodyworker and a wonderful human. I have had multiple sessions with her and every time I feel amazing afterwards. Seriously. She is also a [dedicated] student of Thai and Buddhist medicine so her knowledge just keeps deepening. I couldn't recommend her more.


I came to Sarah for help following a car accident. I was unfamiliar with Thai massage at the time-her specialty. In addition to her excellent massage therapy skills she is a great person with a wonderful  sense of humor and caring. I can attest to her changing my life for the better! She addresses the whole person in her healing practice.


All my back pain is gone. What more can be said? Fantastic massage. Fantastic result. Thanks Sarah.


LOVE Sarah's Thai massage. I look forward to it every month and feel incredible relief afterward. She's so skilled and confident in her work and her personality makes the whole experience a five star massage.


Never realized how many things I just expected to be tense and uncomfortable until I got home and things weren't so tense or uncomfortable. Yay.

G. W.

Great treatment! I feel soooo much better. My neck moves much easier now and with greater range of motion


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