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Sarah Carl; Thai Massage in Gresham

About Sarah K. Carl, LMT

Pulse beats, tendon tugging, gnarly twisted fascia mazes, breath directing, transformation...


It was a circuitous path that led me to find Thai healing arts. An obsession with dance starting at age four, sparking a constant, if not always conscious, study of anatomy, movement, breath and healing, up to the end of a road trip decades later when I found myself with a flat tire in the parking lot of the school that gave me professional bodywork training. It was here that I got my first introduction to what would change the way I live and form the basis of my approach to healing work. 


Since starting my business in 2005, I have been on an ever deepening study into Thai medicine including theory, history, manual techniques, herbal profiles and formulas, women's therapies, Reusi Dat Ton (Thai “Yoga”) and Buddhism. I have also visited the Western worlds of structural bodywork and visceral manipulation which also show their influence in sessions. Today, the accumulation of this training makes for a unique and practical healing session. I deeply enjoy unwinding and retraining the body/mind throughout the various ages and stages of life.

As a modern American, I acknowledge the limited understanding I bring to practicing a tradition honed over thousands of years by a completely different culture. In order to show respect, I keep commitments to give back according to my capacity: Through earnest study of the medicine, language and culture; through daily practices and regularly going back to the teacher(s) for further instruction; and crucially, offering support to the teachers, leaders and practitioners who hold and pass on this precious knowledge. Also, I offer support as I am able to those in need and to those who are working to reduce the suffering of beings in Thailand, Oregon and elsewhere. 

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