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Educate Yourself

Massage A Friend Class:

Bring a friend and have fun learning a simple set of bodywork theories and techniques to help each other alleviate pain and feel revived. Each session includes common techniques that are generally helpful but we can adapt the specifics to your needs in this private setting. This class can be put into any time frame, but you'll get more out of a longer time. 

Birth and Postpartum Prep: 

For birth parent and a support person, we'll use the time to augment your main birth class with practical knowledge used traditionally in Thailand. We'll go over helpful hints for bodywork during the birth process and dig into strategies for especially the first month after birth. Emphasis is very heavy on supporting the birth parent. We can also touch on supporting in the event of abortion or miscarriage. I recommend 2+ hours for this option, and if you can come a few times, you'll get more information and a chance to practice your skills. 


Schedule a Class

Either of these two-participant classes can be scheduled any time there are appointments available. I'm working on adding the birth and postpartum class onto my platform but for now just use the "Massage a Friend Class" for either one. If you are choosing the birth/postpartum option just let me know when you schedule. Thanks!

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