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Massage A Friend Class

Bring a friend and have fun learning a simple set of bodywork theories and techniques to help each other alleviate pain and feel revived. Each session includes common techniques that are generally helpful but we can adapt the specifics to your needs in this private setting. 

This two-participant class can be scheduled any time there are appointments available.

Go to Make an Appointment and choose "Massage a Friend Class"

Enter your contact information. Because my software is imperfect, it won't allow you to put both people into the system.

Please send me an email with the second person's information and I'll add them from my end. Anyone new to my practice must fill out a new patient form and sign the waivers. 

Joint Loosening and Breathing Foundations

These simple practices promote ease and longevity and can be transformative when applied regularly to one's daily habits. I offer introductory sessions from time to time for anyone currently part of my practice. Announcements are made through my email list. 


Under Construction: 

Birth and Postpartum Prep

We'll cover ideas and strategies used traditionally as well as some modern living practicalities, including:


*Self- Administered Herbal Therapies

*Food. Traditional and modern ideas on nourishment. 

*Getting Support -- who to ask for what and how to prepare your team for what lies ahead. 

*Support for care post-abortion or miscarraige, should either come to pass. 

*Caring for everyone within the postpartum bubble. 

NOTE: this class is not yet available for self-scheduling but if you are interested, please contact me. 

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