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Links and Resources

Within the Gresham clinic where I work:

Mt. Hood Natural Health, LLC ~ the clinic space

Full Circle Acupuncture ~Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Inner Balance Chiropractic ~Chiropractic Care

Gresham Balance BodyWorks ~Swedish & Barefoot Massage

Vibrant Family Medicine ~Primary Care Naturopathic Doctors & Midwives. 

Gather- Professional Counseling Services

Other Portland Metro Area Excellent Health Care Providers:

Montavilla Community Acupuncture ~ community & private appointments with excellent providers.

Tom Takehuchi, DC: 503-255-5011 

Gateway, Portland​


Thai Massage Therapists and Teachers:

The Naga Center- Excellent Thai medicine & massage school. Right here in the metro area. 

TraditionalThaiMassage.org - Inspiring teachers and massage therapists in Beaverton, OR.

Portland Thai Massage ~Lauren Ferreira, LMT 

Ākāsa Thai Healing Arts- SE Portland/Division

Emily Gowen, LMT -NE Portland

Erin Wright, LMT- North Portland/Mississippi

Stephanie Paley - Lake Oswego, OR. 

Non-Portland Thai Practitioners:

Jim Madras- Eugene, Oregon

Montana Bodyworks- Missoula, Montana

The Mala Room- Bath, Maine


Further Thai Medicine Information:

Seven Peppercorns

Traditional Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers

Available at Powell's Books or online at Amazon.com.

A Thai Herbal

Updated edition 2014.

Available online or in store at Powells Books or online at Amazon.com

Reusi Dat Ton

Wells Yoga --David Wells, teacher of Indian Yoga and Reusi Dat Ton and painstaking researcher.

Other Health Related Resources:

​Injury Care

*Ice Delays Recovery by Dr. Gabe Mirkin (the doctor who coined the term R.I.C.E)

Ice Is For Dead Things - Chinese Medicine's View (which tends to agree with Thai medicine's view).

Meditation Centers 

A very incomplete list, but it will get a person started. 

Refuge Recovery

A Buddhist version of AA. A nice alternative for anyone wanting a different approach to a similar process. 

Sustainability, Food & Nature Education:

Cascadia Wild- Animal tracking and naturalist skills 

Oregon Metro Nature Education -For adults & children

Friends of Trees

Portland Fruit Tree Project - distributing the wealth of area fruit from participating private properties

Snow Cap - Feeding the hungry just down the street from our office.



Yelp- Find me and other local businesses. 

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