Thai Massage in Gresham and Portland, Oregon

Links and Resources

Complementary businesses in the Gresham area

Healing Way Acupuncture ~Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Inner Balance Chiropractic ~Chiropractic Care

Gresham Balance BodyWorks ~Swedish & Barefoot Massage


Primary Care Naturopathic Doctors & Midwives:

Mt. Hood Family Medicine & Midwifery 

Jill Turner, ND (Downtown Gresham)

Other Portland Metro Area Excellent Health Care Providers:

Gather- Professional Counseling Services with Melissa Harbert

Montavilla Community Acupuncture ~ community & private appointments with excellent providers.

Tom Takehuchi, DC: 503-255-5011 

Gateway, Portland​


Thai Massage Therapists and Teachers:


The Naga Center- Excellent Thai medicine & massage school. Right here in the metro area.

David & Janice Weitzer - Inspiring teachers and massage therapists in Beaverton, OR.

Woven Body Healing Arts - Damion Bond, LMT; NE Lloyd Center/Irvington

Portland Thai Massage ~Lauren Ferreira, LMT; SE Portland

Ākāsa Thai Healing Arts- SE Portland/Division

Erin Wright, LMT- North Portland/Mississippi

Stephanie Paley - Lake Oswego, OR. 

Non-Portland Thai Practitioners:

Jim Madras- Eugene, Oregon

Montana Bodyworks- Missoula, Montana

Iron Bird Bodywork- Brunswick, Maine


Further Thai Medicine Information:

Seven Peppercorns

Traditional Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers

Available at Powell's Books or online at

A Thai Herbal

Updated edition 2014.

Available online or in store at Powells Books or online at

Reusi Dat Ton

Woven Body Healing Arts - Damion Bond, LMT; NE Lloyd Center/Irvington

Wells Yoga --David Wells, teacher of Indian Yoga and Reusi Dat Ton and painstaking researcher.

Lanna and Traditional Thai Medicine Society:

Learn a little more about the foundations of the tradition and support traditional healers. 


Help Some Animals in Thailand

Soi Dog Foundation

The word "soi" refers here to an alley. There are many, many dogs wandering through the streets. Many have health problems, some can be aggressive. This organization takes stray dogs off the streets, gives them health care and when possible, homes. 

Other Health Related Resources:

​Injury Care

*Ice Delays Recovery by Dr. Gabe Mirkin (the doctor who coined the term R.I.C.E)

Ice Is For Dead Things - Chinese Medicine's View (which tends to agree with Thai medicine's view).

Meditation Centers 

A very incomplete list, but it will get a person started. 

Refuge Recovery

A Buddhist version of AA. A nice alternative for anyone wanting a different approach to a similar process. 

Sustainability, Food & Nature and Community Support:

PDX Money Coaching -- Helping individuals, couples, and service-based businesses confidently manage their money.​​​

Cascadia Wild- Animal tracking and naturalist skills 

Oregon Metro Nature Education -For adults & children

Friends of Trees

Portland Fruit Tree Project - distributing the wealth of area fruit from participating private properties

Snow Cap - Feeding the hungry just down the street from our office.


Yelp- Find me and other local businesses. 

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