COVID Information

Last Updated: October 3, 2020

Multnomah county is currently open for massage therapists.

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Protocols for your visit

Safety measures used 


You can schedule online or contact me for appointments. If you don't see the days/times you want, you can keep checking the online scheduler to see if new times have opened up or you can contact me to see what we can do. 

Please cancel your appointment if within the last 14 days any of the following apply to you or anyone with whom you've had contact for at least 1 hour:

  • Fever of 100F or higher

  • Cough

  • Sore throat

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Body aches unrelated to exercise

  • Chills with or without body aches

  • Fatigue

  • Non-allergy related runny nose

  • Recent loss of smell or taste

  • Unexplained sores or rash on hands or feet

There will be no late cancellation fees for reasons related to COVID-19/Novel Corona virus. However, if you miss your appointment without giving notice, normal rules still apply. 

Protocols for your Visit:

Come wearing clean clothes and a mask. There might be masks available for purchase once you arrive, but please plan on having your own. It must be washed and dried on high setting since last wearing. I recommend showering as well though I understand this is not always possible. 

Please wait in your car not in the building whenever you can. If this is not possible you can wait in the lobby but make sure your mask is on and try to touch as little as possible. Text when you arrive and I'll come to get you when ready. The phone number can be found in your confirmation and reminder emails.

I'll take your temperature immediately upon arrival. You will be sent home if my thermometer reads above 100F or if you cannot provide an acceptable reason for answering yes to any of the answers on the COVID intake. 

Hand sanitizer is available and currently plentiful.


I have options for contact-free payments through PayPal and accept cash, checks and cards. 

If you're using PayPal you can find me as "". Please contact me before your appointment and I'll give you instructions. 



Protocols above are in effect for each visit.  

I'm following all the applicable guidelines put out by the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Board of Massage Therapy. I change all my clothes after each session, including my mask. Room sanitizing is done with an EPA-registered, hospital-grade hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner. I have wipes and a spray and use each where appropriate in between each session on all surfaces touched including payment devices. I am also generous in my use of hand sanitizer. 

Ventilation: Though there are no windows in my treatment room that open to the outdoors, I have a HEPA air filter listed among the California air resources recommended air filters and a high power (but quiet) exhaust fan.


Vaccination: I am now fully vaccinated and encourage others to do the same. Studies show that all vaccines currently available nearly wipe out serious COVID cases and drastically reduce transmission. If you have questions about vaccines, I can point you to verified studies and articles. 

If you still have more questions after reading this, please ask. I am in full support of open and honest communications that lead to you making well informed choices for your health and the health of people that we affect. 


More information will come as it arises. I look forward to working with you and many well wishes!

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